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We are a manufacturer, wholesaler, and distributor of Automotive Accessories, Chemicals, and Window Films. Having served the South Florida, Caribbean, and Latin American markets for over 40 years, our main goal is effective Customer Service. It sets our great businesses apart from the rest. Our Customers are the reason that we exist, and keeping customers happy means being responsive to their needs and wants. A good customer service experience can turn a one-time customer into a lifelong repeat customer.

Our Headquarters in Miami, Florida
Our Headquarters in Miami, Florida

Car Accessories

We supply the best and most useful car accessories that your customers need to enhance their vehicles. A huge variety and assortment of supplies are found in our catalog.


We supply essential chemicals for your customer's vehicles. HS Chemicals, Protectants, Motor Oils, Coolants, our patented Purple Blaster™ line, and more.

Window Film

We are a major supplier of quality window film including metallized, scratch resistant, reflective, black tinted, frosted, UV protected films for security, safety, automotive, and decorative uses.

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