• Item 29.831
  • 1 gallon
  • Specially formulated for tropical temperatures.
  • A genuine corrosion inhibitor that protects steel, cast iron, aluminum, solder, copper and brass.  Harmless to rubber hoses, water pumps and gaskets.
  • Twist on/off cap for storage when not fully consumed.
  • Safety seal for extra protection.
  • HS ENGINE COOLANT, KOOL-ON and RED-COOL meet the corrosion requirements for the aluminum protection of late mode vehicles.
  • Helps prevent overheating.
  • Extra lubricants extend water pump’s life.
  • Not an Anti-Freeze.
  • Easily mixes with Antifreeze.
  • Non-Foaming.

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[6 per case]
[36 cases per pallet]